"Tokyo Weekender"インタビュー記事

日本の英語ライフスタイルマガジンでNo.1の”Tokyo Weekender”に、私が表紙と挿絵を担当している小説”TokyoTales”の作者のRenaeさんがインタビューされています。

Please take it by all means when you see it✨

No. 1 English Lifestyle magazine in Japan “Tokyo Weekender

In the February issue, Renae Lucas-Hall ‘s novel “Tokyo Tales (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1781487456/)” and my illustrations are featured and published.

Distribution places include the Tokyo embassy, luxury hotels in Tokyo, shops, stations, airports, Hilton Tokyo, Grand Hyatt & Park Hyatt Tokyo, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo American Club, Shibuya Tawor Records, Roppongi – Omotesando – Harajuku Starbucks coffee.

There is also a chance to get a copy of “Tokyo Tales” with autograph of Renae Lucas-Hall!
The deadline is the end of February.
For details, please check on the page of “Tokyo Wekender”